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Earth, Sky, Space (Galactica), Abyss, and Underworld.

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There are some (Youtube) issues with v1.0, you have to replace with the new version 1.1.

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We have two different areas in the many worlds in Life Academy. The street (with buildings, squares, parks, places, shops, galleries, etc...) and the Space Ship comprise Life Academy, a Christian territory. The street (or town) is for everyone. Your presence will make a difference and your point of view on life will make the difference. You are prepared with gadgets and creative abilities:  photo, painting, graphical art, video, movie, 3-D art, animation, dance, music... It needs to contain the message of salvation (us being the light) you will proclaim.  The message has to reach the finish line, no matter what.

So in the game, you have to live your life as everyone else does. The surrounding environment and gameplay mirrors real life. In the game, everything costs money (much like with the Monopoly board game). You need to pay for the committed "likes" (this costs a small amount of in-game money). This will be listed in your statement page, including how many likes you made, how many events you have visited, which studies you have finished, how many people are following you, what kind of fights you won, how many people you have rescued, etc. These indicators will project your virtual personality the same way as such things do in real life.

The in-game "worlds" will be present in five dimensions: the earth, the air, outer space (Galactica), the depths of the sea (Abyss) and earth's underground, where huge fires are burning and the water reservoirs are present.

The developments of this game will be under constant programming and server maintenances and expansions. It will also be an all-time growing database of Christianity (alongside many other values) where you will find everything related to contemporary arts, science, faith, society.
Where things related to Christianity will not be exclusive, because the community will reflect the world itself (except for matters relating to politics, ideology and hate speech). So acceptance (acceptance of life as it is created by God) will sit on the first line with creativity. Did you know that the man who has buried his talent (Matthew 25) is mentioned on the same page in the Bible together with the foolish virgins?
So use your talents for the glory of God.

ATTENTION: this is the LIFE ACADEMY game version 1.0. We do not have all the features yet we have listed here. It is a long process to develop the game to that level. But we are on the way.
We will release many updates this year, and we hope to reach version 2.0 until December 2019.
The game is an MMO game, a multiplayer game, also an interactive game, so you need to have internet if you want to play it with other players from all around the world.

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Life Academy Galactica (in Outer Space)